The Film’s premise

So, what is the idea behind this film?

Several years ago, while living in Canterbury and studying a Creative Writing Degree, I had an idea. It was one of those not-quite-dreams, not-quite-thoughts that occurs when you’re lying in bed half-asleep, and ideas and images drift about in your dozy brain.

I imagined a boy, who looked not unlike Just William, exploring a strange dream-like ghost of Canterbury. It was misty and white and utterly silent. There were no people or cars and it was impossible to tell at what point in the last century we were. The boy was exploring the back streets, which he had never bothered to walk down before, and he found on a street-corner, a cosy little glowing bookshop. When he entered he found a little old man, who hadn’t sold a single book in years and years. The old man explained sadly to the boy that this was the last bookshop in the whole world, and no-one wanted books anymore.

The bookshop was the kind of architectural mish-mash that often occurs in my dreams. But it was overwhelmingly composed of Chaucer Bookshop in Canterbury, and Hall’s bookshop in Tunbridge Wells.

We’re going to take this idea, and turn it into a film.

It seems perfectly topical these days, now Waterstone’s is really the only high street book retailer, publishers seem in a perpetual state of panic, and technology is revolutionising the way in which we consume media.

This short film will explore the modern fears of the book industry by presenting them as a fictional reality.

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