Well, it’s only been a week since we unleashed The Last Bookshop onto YouTube and it’s notched up over 2,000 views already. Thank you to everyone who has taken 20 minutes to watch it. And especially those who have then gone on to like it, share it, tweet it, blog it and generally chat about it online. You’ve made our week, you really have.

I’ve gathered together a small taster of the generous feedback we have so far received.

Book Patrol said: “Pure book magic ensues…” while Peggy Blair called it “a lovely little story.”

Book Chase was kind enough to write: “it is so wonderfully acted, scripted, and produced that you are more likely to be disappointed when it ends rather than you are to cut it off before the end.”

Wormwoodiana described the film as “understated and wistful” before comparing it to one of my favourite childhood authors E.Nesbit – a huge compliment.

The wittily-titled Shelf Awareness newsletter featured us as “Short Film of the Day”

Meanwhile, the Tolkien Collectors Guide encouraged viewers to watch out for The Hobbit (but perhaps haven’t yet noticed that The Fellowship of the Ring has a cameo as well!)

MR Books himself, Mark Richardson, gave his thoughts from the perspective of one of the shops actually featured in the film, over at the Tonbridge Blog.

And the film’s composer Owen Hewson has blogged about his experiences banging his head against a piano until the score came out over on the Arlet blog.

Before we knew what had happened, the Huffington Post were featuring the film in their books section, describing it as “an affectionate look at how we might forget the art of physical books, but their power will never disappear.”

Twitter is bursting with tweets about the film. This is a tiny selection…

Picture 6g
Picture 6

Picture 3Picture 5Picture 6B
Picture 6C
Picture 6h
Picture 6k
So there you have it. We are just beyond delighted with how the film is going down. It means a lot to receive such heartfelt feedback. And above all, we are very happy to be doing our bit to champion bookshops everywhere.

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4 Responses to Blimey

  1. Tracey says:

    So glad I saw the mention on Shelf Awareness. Watched it, loved it, blogged it today. 🙂 Here’s hoping 2,000 viewers is only the beginning.

  2. Ravensward says:

    Saw this on io9. The structure of the story reminds me a little of the Snowman. I could see it as a longer film with a few more characters.

    It was sweet to see the cameo appearance of Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley. By the time this film is set that may have equal placing alongside Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Won as one of the rarest works on Earth!

    Book shops are truly magical places; long may they allow us to share the means to enthuse, entertain or inform us all.

    • Thanks Ravensward!It’s weird, when I was about 5 I was devastated about the ending of The Snowman, so much so that I hid the book down the side of my bunk bed in a bid to forget about it forever. I thought Raymond Briggs must have been a very cruel man (I was a teenager before I read his even more devastating Gentleman Jim!) and yet this is the second film I have written which has been compared to The Snowman. What’s going on there then? Am I working through some issues!?

  3. I loved this video so much I had to blog about it too. Here’s hoping the views keep growing!

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