The Last Bookshop arrives on YouTube

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8 Responses to The Last Bookshop arrives on YouTube

  1. Mark Valentine says:

    A charming film, wistful and under-stated, with the ambience of classic British children’s wonder stories such as those by Masefield and Nesbit: and with a timely message. I’m spreading the word on my Wormwoodiana blog.

    • As I say in the latest post, E Nesbit was a childhood favourite of mine (especially The Phoenix and the Carpet) so I consider that a compliment indeed! Delighted you enjoyed our film, Mark.

    • What an absolutely excellent and endearing little film. You are to be supremely commended.
      I only hope it goes viral and global and contributes to the defence of books and the book trade. especially its shopkeeping sector.

  2. How fantastic?! I loved your film. Today, it was advertised on the book publishing newsletter “Shelf Awareness,” so I’m sure you will have many more enthusiastic viewers soon!

  3. Jeroen says:

    Thanks for this beautiful short film! Maybe it sounds contradictory coming from an e-publisher, but as much as I love eBooks, I would hate to see the “old” traditional bookstores disappear.

    • Thanks for your comment Jeroen, I think it’s possible to appreciate both paper books and e-books without contradiction. We were keen not to make the message of our film E-BOOKS = BAD, because it’s really not as black and white as that. The Shopkeeper liked e-book readers and says he used to have one.

      The physical book is just one medium for stories (and information) but it is a very important medium, and we’d hate to see bookshops disappear, even if we could still get a lot of the content in electronic form.

      Really glad you enjoyed the film, and thanks for blogging it on your site! Much appreciated.

  4. Our books carry the motto, “Beautiful Books make the Heart Sing.” There’s no comparison to holding a real book in one’s hand, and they don’t need batteries.

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