Blog the first

We’re going to make a film.

It’s an ambitious project. Topical yet retro.

It’s based on an idea I had years ago when I lived in Canterbury. An idea that I really liked but didn’t think could realistically be made any time soon.

But you can’t keep a good idea down. And now it looks like the time is right. I told the idea to someone wise and encouraging, and before I knew it the cogs were turning.

The film will be produced by The Bakery, and we’ve decided to try something new: having this mini blog, especially to track the production of this one project.

So, fellow Bakers and people involved in the production can visit this blog and see how the project is progressing as a whole. And anyone who fancies following the production as an audience member can have their appetites whetted. And anyone living in the strange potential country that is The Future can look back and see all the nightmares and headaches that went into the film they have (hopefully) just watched.

If you’ve ever ducked into a quirky second-hand bookshop and been mesmerised by the treasures, the smells, the nooks and crannies – then this film should be for you.

First things first, I’ve got to write the script…

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2 Responses to Blog the first

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  2. Thanks for doing this! It is a wonderful story/video!

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