Music from The Last Bookshop

Click below to hear Owen Hewson’s beautiful score for The Last Bookshop in its entirety.

Track Listing
1 Streets
2 The Last Bookshop
3 A Universe of Books
4 The Shopkeeper
5 The Labyrinth
6 Biblio-archaeology
7 Interlude
8 The Till
9 Chasing Tales (Bookshop version)*
10 Boarded up
11 Credits

Trombone – Thomas Harmsworth; Violin – Rosie Holden; Accordion – Aidan Shepherd; Piano and Clarinet – Owen Hewson; Recorded by Barney Pidgeon

*composed by Aidan Shepherd

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1 Response to Music from The Last Bookshop

  1. Leo Deveau says:

    A lovely production with a powerful message!
    Thanks so much,
    leo j. deveau

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