The Last Bookshop is complete!

We are delighted to announce that post-production on The Last Bookshop has now officially concluded, with the successful burning of an inaugural DVD!

The last few months have been a real challenge. The Gods of Editing threw everything they could at us, as we leapt hurdles and dodged obstacles, so now – a few months later than planned – the film is ready at last.

The coming months will will see film festival activity and promotion, after which will come free online availability via YouTube. And for those lucky few involved in the making of the film, your preview DVDs will be making their way to you soon! Please be patient while we brave Post Office queues, we can’t wait to show you all the finished product…

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5 Responses to The Last Bookshop is complete!

  1. Geodaddi says:

    Well done to all the production crew! Time for a celebration?…..

  2. andy holgate says:

    Got our copy…loved it guys…a massive well done…. our girls have watched it about six times already !!! Just to keep you updated Joe is playing Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda the Musical at The Cambridge at the moment

    • Great stuff. Thanks Andy! Very happy to hear the film’s gone down well in the Holgate household. Sounds like your girls have excellent taste!

      Joe in Matilda? That’s amazing. Our congratulations to him, it’s pretty much the biggest show in London right now! I’ve heard great things about Matilda – coincidentally from Alfred and Leila Hoffman who went to see it a few weeks ago and praised it highly.

      Lovely to hear what Joe’s up to. He was so good in The Last Bookshop. All the best to him!

  3. Have just stumbled across this blog. And read just a few postings so far but will settle down to read them all shortly. I run an independent publishing company and so am fascinated by this project. Anyway of staying in touch to find out when the film will generally be available? Also have you had any coverage in the trade press? Anne

  4. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for your kind comment. Really glad you like the sound of our film!

    You can receive e-mail notifications of our blog posts by clicking “follow” in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (assuming your browser’s playing ball). Hope that helps.

    We haven’t had any coverage in the trade press as it happens, but we hope that word will spread now that we are unleashing the film on the wider world! We want to promote bookshops, hopefully they might like to promote us in return.

    Really hope you enjoy looking back over our last 16 months worth of posts. Your comments are very welcome.

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