Credits sneak peek

Have a butcher’s at these screen grabs from The Last Bookshop’s finalised credits sequence, fresh out of The Bakery kitchen. As you can see, the design has changed slightly from the concept art that we posted back in August, in that credits will now be displayed on the insides of various antique books, rather than along the spines.  This exciting development means that the film is now 90% complete. Which means we are now very close indeed to an announcement of the film’s completion. Watch this space…

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3 Responses to Credits sneak peek

  1. Owen Hewson says:

    nice one bakerinos. x

  2. andy holgate says:

    hello boys nice one – Joe is really keen to see the final project – any news when we will get a copy ??

    • Hi Andy,

      Great to hear from you. Thanks for popping by our blog!

      I’ve e-mailed you a full reply, but the short answer is: very soon!

      We have an (essentially) finished film, with holes where some of the sound effects go. Once the sound effects are all put in place, we should be able to set things rendering and some DVDs will hopefully be spat out at the other end for distribution among cast and crew.

      You will receive your DVD straight away, however the film shan’t be publicly available for a while after that, as we shall be trying to drum up some attention from competitions, festivals, websites etc. who often aren’t keen on things having already been made available elsewhere beforehand.

      Watch this space!

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