Background colour 3: hologram sources

The film’s hologram sequence includes all sorts of references to past projects of ours over at The Bakery. Not least because it’s much less of a headache to use our own footage than to seek copyright from someone else!

Among others, we have a looping sequence from our satirical University of Konkerbury promotional film, which we created for the dual purpose of jibing our old University’s attempts at promotion, and also to promote our own FM radio sitcom Konkers, set at the fictional University in question. For anyone who doesn’t already know, we also created a mock academic website to complete the fictional world.

Other trinkets smuggled into the hologram’s bewildering array of flickering screens include the animation Nasrudin and the Hangman’s Dilemma, produced to compliment our 2009 BBC Radio documentary series. There are yet more Bakery references, but we’ll leave it to the hardcore fans to spot them all.

The hologram itself was the hard work of Chris McDonald and Adam Droy, who spend their days making flashy magic things happen at The Mill. So it amuses me to note that one of the video screen shows Mr Droy’s somewhat simpler (but no less charming)  A-Level coursework animation of a Lego dinosaur.

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