Independent Booksellers Week

This week (18th-25th June) is Independent Booksellers Week.

In the words of the official website, “Independent Booksellers Week is part of the IndieBound campaign for independent bookshops, which promotes independent bookshops, great books, strong reading communities, and the idea of shopping locally and suitainably.” In celebration of this fact, the Guardian newspaper are gathering photos of readers’ favourite bookshops and compiling a map on Flickr.

Surprisingly, none of the wonderful shops used in the making of our film feature among the 30 bookshops pictured in the Guardian article. Although an Oxford branch of our namesake The Last Bookshop does appear, as well as one of the shops that denied us permission to film (we’re not telling you which one!) Cecil Court gets a look in, with a photo of the delightful children’s bookshop Marchpane, which can be found at number 16  just across from Goldsboro and David Drummond.

I imagine the organisers of Independent Booksellers Week might be interested in our film, which supports the same cause and industry. Perhaps, once the film is actually released, we might join forces with them?

In the meantime, get yourselves down to your local independent bookshop and grab yourself a bargain!

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