What next for The Last Bookshop?

Once we have a final final version of the film, we shall be entering The Last Bookshop into any and all film festivals and competitions that we hear about, and for which the film meets the entry requirements. We want to get the film seen!

Depending on how long post-production continues to take, this might be late 2011 or early 2012. Between then and now the film will, unfortunately, have to be kept offline. This is not our preferred way of doing things. However, there is a prevailing philosophy among many film festivals that being viewable online should disqualify a film from consideration. After the festivals, of course, we aim to unveil the film to a wider audience via YouTube and Vimeo.

We are hoping to send some DVDs out to cast and crew (and bookshops!) during this fallow period, so that the film can at least be privately shown among those involved in the production. But before we do that, we need to finalise the edit. What will that entail?

Well, the dialogue and sound effects deserve sprucing up. Sometimes this will be a matter of adjusting sound levels in the mix, sometimes it might be a case of re-recording a sound effect (moving a book for example) or replacing a sound effect with a better recorded one. Just to get the film sounding that little bit more professional.

We will also be making further edits and tweaks to the film, a number of them visual. A few shots might need to be replaced (and therefore colour corrected), and we are aiming to create better opening/ending titles to bookend the film, if you’ll excuse the metaphor. There are also some more effects shots that have yet to be incorporated.

No doubt other improvements and alterations will raise their heads in the editing suite over the coming weeks, but it will all contribute towards a better finished film.

In the mean time, I shall continue updating this blog with regular news and thoughts relating to The Last Bookshop. So keep checking back. And if you’re very lucky we’ll have a brand new trailer cut for you very soon (as trailers do not affect film festival entries).

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1 Response to What next for The Last Bookshop?

  1. Owen says:

    Cool sounds good. Good luck with all the film comps! Can’t wait to see the final final version.

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