It’s a wrap for Joe!

We now have all of Joe’s scenes in the can! Saturday was a busy but relaxed day, returning to Kent once again to film in Baggins Book Bazaar and City Books, as well as a few external locations.
As we filmed, Rochester High Street was thick with people, a number of whom seemed to be dressed in Victorian attire. A stern looking man walked by wearing a sandwich board proclaiming a Sale of Dickens Costumes. And that was exactly what we found a little further up the street. Here is a picture of myself and Joe talking to a couple of Dickens enthusiasts in their rather splendid gear. Fortunately, I managed to dissuade them from recruiting Joe as a chimney sweep and we were able to get on with filming.

We got some lovely shots to drop into last week’s rough edit. And we even had time to pop into Hall’s in Tunbridge Wells to update Sabrina about the progress of the production.

The only sour note in the day was while we were in City Books. Bob the owner was away, but his colleague, Judy remembered us and kindly agreed to us filming a shot that we had missed on our last visit. We got it perfectly. However, while we were doing so, two shifty blokes who had been mooching suspiciously about the place sneakily opened the cabinet and stole one of the Roman coins that was for sale. Judy remarked how unfortunate it was that our camera hadn’t caught the culprit. Secondhand bookshops have a difficult enough job staying open as it is, without people stealing their stock. Pretty scummy behaviour in my opinion.

Later on, in Tunbridge Wells, we gained attention during an external street scene, as various camera enthusiasts watched and approached at intervals to ask Dan about the steadicam and the camera he was using. It appears there is a camera shop nearby. One bloke even got out of his car, came up to us, and asked to have a go! Which of course we let him. He was thinking of buying one himself.

All in all a good day. And it was a pleasure to have Joe back on set again, for his final day of filming. With his singing, his dancing and his endless entertaining questions he’s been a vibrant and fun presence throughout the production, and we’re very glad we cast him. Cheers Joe!

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