A film is emerging

Exciting news from the land of editing.

Last night, at long last, we had a full edit of the story to look at! It was very much a rough edit, with no sound editing or CGI work done on it, but it was great to see the story as a whole from beginning to end.

Well, not quite a whole. There are 2 noticeable chunks missing:

1) Joe in the street, and then inside the bookshop. Our shoot was so packed we simply never had time to complete this sequence, so we’re now aiming to shoot it this coming weekend, and plug this gap in the film.

2) A scene where the old Shopkeeper reflects on his solitary existence. This was scheduled and arranged for filming weeks and weeks ago. Unfortunately, the bookshop we were planning to use as the location had an inexplicable change of heart, and pulled out at the last minute. This has been the only such instance of a bookshop obstructing the shoot. All the other locations we have used have been wonderfully helpful and accommodating. But with our actor away on a well-earned cruise holiday, the scene will have to be rescheduled for the near future. Then, at last, it shall all be in the can.

The above gaps are currently marked in the rough-edit with title cards, and then the whole thing has been fired over to our musical composer Owen Hewson. I am very excited about what Owen and his musicians are going to bring to the film’s soundtrack, and what I’ve heard so far is rather promising.

More news soon…

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