Filming in Bookshops

We are now a few days into our bookshop shoot, and the novelty of spending all day in atmospheric bookshops is showing no signs of wearing off. In between takes, I find myself spotting nearby volumes and curiosities that threaten to take me severely off task, while Alfred declares “this shop has works by Dickens I’ve never even heard of!” and Joe searches for money to buy a comedy biography. Yet still Dan is getting excited about a signed hardback and Gaetan is revelling in a book called The Glory of Belgium . . . not to mention a further slim volume purporting to detail everything that happened in Belgium in the year of publication. Gaetan is Belgian.

Our ‘catering van’ while in Rochester is in fact a funky little cafe and gallery just down the road called The Deaf Cat. Their reward cards come in the form of small 50p badges which entitle the wearer to 10% off. Which is rather handy when you’re buying a round of big coffees for the whole crew (plus one poncey thimble-sized caramel macchiato for the boom operator, Gaetan . . . like I say, he’s Belgian).

It’s great to see the story of The Last Bookshop beginning to come to life before our very lenses. Above and below are a couple of screen-grabs from our filming at Hall’s bookshop in Tunbridge Wells, which serve as a nice taster of what is to come.

Today meanwhile has seen us return to MR. Books in Tonbridge, a cosy little establishment supplying the setting for some lovely shots we plan to distribute throughout the finished film. The owner, Mark, very kindly allowed us to pack into the place, whilst he partook in a spot of live blogging, and even suggested that a future local event might be interested in screening The Last Bookshop, which sounds right up our street.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back in Baggins Book Bazaar and City Books in Rochester, to film some pivotal scenes for the film’s climax, and hopefully sip some more Deaf Cat coffees. There’s a lot to get done – wish us luck!

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3 Responses to Filming in Bookshops

  1. Geodaddi says:

    Sounds really exciting! BTW, you do realise I suppose that the 3 mentions of Gaetan in this blog will cause the rewriting of an even slimmer volume: “Everyman’s compendium of famous Belgians.” Your blog has pushed Gaetan into 3rd place after Poirot……. and he is fictional!

  2. Richard Dadd says:

    Ha ha, yes I suppose you’re right.

    So that’s Gaetan at 3, Poirot at 2, and presumably Tintin in first place. As it happens this is the premise for a new ‘Justice League’ style movie we’re planning, where the trio join forces to protect Belgium from the forces of darkness, using only waffles and expensive chocolates.

  3. Treadwell’s Bookshop sends greetings. We are cheering you on, and look forward to updates. I hope you will pop by and visit us in the new location, 33 Store Street. Best wishes, Christina

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