Interviewing MR. Books

The Last Bookshop will be a film about books. About hoarding books and safeguarding and valuing them. About passing them on to future generations. About an old man’s memories and a child’s first encounters of reading.

But it will also be about the modern world, and today’s perceptions of the future of publishing and book selling against the backdrop of Internet media giants.

So, what does a real bookshop owner have to say about all this? Last month we told you about our location scout amongst the charming bookshops of Kent. Along the way we met a friendly chap called Mark Richardson who runs MR. BOOKS in Tonbridge. He was kind enough to give us a few minutes of his time to explain why the Internet is not his enemy, and why he might turn into Bernard Black yet…

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3 Responses to Interviewing MR. Books

  1. Mr. Books says:

    This is a disgrace I’m much better looking than you have depicted me in your short film. How on earth did you manage to make me look so hideous? Was it some advanced cgi technique. I’m going to sue you all and put a stop to you fiendish little project!…

  2. Richard Dadd says:

    Please don’t sue us MR. Books! Okay, we admit it: we’ve put in several hours of hard work animating the CG Mark seen in the above video.

    In real life Mark looks startlingly like a dashing and bookish Brad Pitt, and I just couldn’t stand being upstaged so. So we faked this video.

    Why not pop to into MR. Books in Tonbridge and see the real Mark for yourselves (not forgetting to purchase some books on the way!)

  3. OldtimerfromLufbra says:

    I was at university with MR Books (just plain old Mark in those days!) and I really don’t remember him being as handsome as in this video….. So I’m quite impressed with the special effects you used.

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