Auditions, music, storyboarding

We were in Birmingham to begin the auditions for the character of the Boy on Thursday. Our venue was a converted Bird’s custard factory called (rather inventively) The Custard Factory. I used to have drama classes there when I was a boy, so it’s rather weird to find myself in the situation of suddenly being the adult doing the casting. How did this happen? All I did was go off to University for a few years and apparently I’m a grown-up…

Anyway, the first audition session was great fun. All the boys, without exception, gave great performances, and again showed us parallel Universe versions of our character. We have more boys to see in a few days, and then we shall have the extremely difficult task of working out who shall ultimately appear in our film. Like I said, it’s hard being Simon Cowell (especially when your Cheryl Cole is a ginger man called Dan).

Back at Bakery HQ, the storyboarding continues apace, as we start to map scenes to locations, and make a rough plan of action for filming. Yesterday was mainly spent going over the script with our composer Owen Hewson. He now has a script covered in scribbled notes, and a recording of me and Dan attempting to articulate abstract impressions of the story’s musical ebb and flow. I understand Owen will now go away and bang his head against a piano until something comes out (of the piano that is…)

In case you need any convincing of Owen’s musical prowess, have a look below at a previous Bakery film called ‘Chair,’ directed a few years back by Alaric King. Owen wrote the main theme for the film, and very lovely it is too. Incidentally, ‘Chair’ should be screening at next month’s No Reading Alone event in Oxford. Tickets for the 4th of March event are available here.

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