Test filming

After numerous obstacles (curse you e-bay) we are finally in the possession of a steadicam! In layman’s terms, this means our handheld camerawork can look all smooth, cinematic and lovely, rather than looking like a drunk filmed it. As I’m sure you can imagine, this is beneficial.

We’ve also started turning the script into a storyboard, working out how particular shots can best be filmed to tell the story.

So today, Dan and Matt embarked on test filming. Here they are trying some stuff out in a handy book-filled space. As a rough impression of how we can make the fictional bookshop look on camera, and how the two main characters might move through it, I think it’s very promising…

I’m particularly keen on the slow dream-like quality of the gliding camera movement in this test footage. I can imagine it could work really well in combination with the right musical score. I also like the through-the-shelves shots, which could work excellently for either the Shopkeeper or the Boy. And the steadicam really proves its smoothness in the shots where the cameraman is walking backwards. This may prove to be particularly useful in the scenes where the Boy runs through the shop.

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