Casting the Shopkeeper

Down below street level, in the basement of Treadwell’s magical bookshop in Store Street (their new location) we today auditioned old shopkeepers.

And how fantastic it was to hear the dialogue and the narration coming alive. After weeks and weeks of rewriting, only hearing the words in my head (well, I occassionally attempted a gruff old man voice myself when the house was quiet…) here we had the fictional Shopkeeper himself actually sitting before us, living and breathing.

Or rather, we had several fictional Shopkeepers sitting before us, showing us parallel universe possibilities of the character. But who to choose? We are truly undecided.

This evening we will watch the screen tests back, and have to make a tough decision. One thing I have learnt today: it’s no fun being Simon Cowell.

And in a few days time, we’ll have to do it all again, only this time it will be with children. Casting Directors must have hearts of stone.

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