We’re being kept out of trouble

Here are some exciting things we’re up to at the moment:

– Wandering round bookshops, soaking up the atmosphere and contemplating the logistics of the location shoot
– Talking to our right-hand animation wizard (Mr Adam Droy) about what CGI we can achieve (ooh, yes, it’s exciting)
– Sitting in a trendy London cafe surrounded by media darlings with Macbooks out on their faux-rustic tables, while paying over-inflated prices to sip tiny coffees (okay, this was slightly less exciting…)
– Firing off Second Draft scripts to Cameraman and professional cynic Matt Wilson, as well as Chef Alaric himself whose artistic skills and ruthless West Country discipline could be a positive boon.
– Talking to people about an exciting musical score for the film.
– Failing to buy a steadicam.

Also underway is a search for our two actors, a quest for atmospheric lighting, and some boring logistical considerations.

We’re also hoping to blog up some mood-boards and visual references very soon, to help build a coherent plan for the look of the film.

Oh, and I’ve got to complete a Third Draft of the script very soon.

And put a load of washing on…

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